Current Sermon Series

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM as we study God’s word together.

Our current sermon series is titled “Am I Really a Christian?” and is a study of the apostle John’s first letter.

One of the convictions of Central Baptist Church is that the healthy way of approaching the Scriptures is through expository preaching. That is, we must always approach Scripture looking to learn what God is saying to us through the text. We must avoid approaching the Scriptures with our preconceived notions, seeking to baptise our imaginations with Bible versions. To do so, we believe there is value in approaching the Scriptures book by book, and we believe that the whole Scripture—Old and New Testament—is inspired by God and profitable for his church.

Asking yourself whether you are a Christian is the most important question you can possibly ask. Stated another way, there is no more important question you can ask than, “How can a man be in the right before God?” (Job 9:2). Jesus warned that many would come to him in the Day of Judgement claiming to have done wonderful things, but he will tell them that he never knew them. Does Jesus know you? Do you know him?

First John was written to help us answer this question. In it, John presents Jesus as he really is and puts before us several tests by which we can know that we know, and are known, by him. In this twelve-week sermon series, Pastor Karabo Msiza will pick apart John’s letter and help us to answer the question, am I really a Christian?

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