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Seeing the Son of God: The Gospel of Mark

In this series of sermons, Pastor Karabo expounds the New Testament Gospel of Mark under the title “Seeing the Son of God.”

Many interpreters believe that the content of Mark’s Gospel was given to John Mark largely by the apostle Peter, so that this Gospel is, in essence, a record of Peter’s apostolic testimony. Writing likely in the mid-to-late 50s, Mark appears to be addressing an audience largely unfamiliar with Jewish customs. He goes to great lengths to explain these customs and how they were fulfilled in Jesus, the promised Messiah and the Son of God.

The ESV Study Bible’s introduction reads:

The ultimate purpose and theme of Mark’s Gospel is to present and defend Jesus’ universal call to discipleship. Mark returns often to this theme, categorizing his main audience as either followers or opponents of Jesus. Mark presents and supports this call to discipleship by narrating the identity and teaching of Jesus. For Mark, discipleship is essentially a relationship with Jesus, not merely following a certain code of conduct. Fellowship with Jesus marks the heart of the disciple’s life, and this fellowship includes trusting Jesus, confessing him, observing his conduct, following his teaching, and being shaped by a relationship with him. Discipleship also means being prepared to face the kind of rejection that Jesus faced.

Mark is set almost entirely within Palestine, which was ruled in the first century by the Roman Empire. Unlike Matthew and Luke, who record Jesus’ birth narrative, and John, who speaks of Jesus as the pre-existent Son of God, Mark begins his account from Jesus’ baptism, and keeps a fast-paced narrative leading to Christ’s death and resurrection three years later.

At Central Baptist Church, we are committed to the Bible as God’s inerrant and infallible word—our final authority for all matters of faith and practice.

We believe that the faithful preaching and teaching of the Bible is essential to growth in the Christian life.

“I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:1–2).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:1–15)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Part 2) (Mark 1:12–15)

A Call to Discipleship (Mark 1:16–20)

I Stand Amazed (Mark 1:21–45)

It’s a Miracle (Mark 2:1–12)

The Scandal of Grace (Mark 2:13–17)

Jesus: Pure and Unmixed (Mark 2:18–22)

Lord of the Sabbath (Mark 2:23–28)

Heart Check (Mark 3:1–12)

Are You a Fan or a Follower? (Mark 3:7–19)

Jesus: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? (Mark 3:20–35)

The Four Hearts (Mark 4:1–20)

Let the Light Shine (Mark 4:21–25)

Growth in the Kingdom (Mark 4:26–29)

Who is This? (Mark 4:35–41)

Authority Over Demons (Mark 5:1–20)

Authority Over Sickness (Mark 5:21–35)

Authority Over Death (Mark 5:21–43)

The Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mark 4:30–34)

The Offence of the Gospel (Mark 6:1–13)

Killing the Conscience (Mark 6:14–29)

Our Compassionate Saviour (Mark 6:30–34)

Jesus, More than Sufficient (Mark 6:35–44)

Two Portraits (Mark 6:45–56)

Spiritually Clean Hearts (Mark 7:1–23)

Persistent Faith (Mark 7:24–30)

Jesus, He Has Done It Well (Mark 7:31–37)

Jesus, Our Saviour Who Cares (Mark 8:1–10)

The Danger of Missing the Signs (Mark 8:11–13)

Do You Not Yet Understand? (Mark 8:14–21)

What Do You See? (Mark 8:22–26)

The Most Important Question (Mark 8:27–30)

The Purpose of the Messiah (Mark 8:31–33)

Faith is Not Cheap (Mark 8:34–38)

A Taste of His Glory (Mark 9:1–13)

Weak Faith, Strong Saviour (Mark 9:14–29)

The Way of the Cross (Mark 9:30–50)

What God Has Joined Together (Mark 10:1–12)

Let the Children Come to Me (Mark 10:13–16)

The Poor Young Ruler (Mark 10:17–22)

Riches I Heed Not (Mark 10:23–31)

The High Cost of Finishing First (Mark 10:35–45)


Sola 5

Central Baptist Church is a member of Sola 5: an association of God-centred evangelical churches in Southern Africa.

Sola 5 is focused upon bringing together biblically-minded, God-centred churches and believers to encourage one another to meet this need throughout the whole southern African region. True churches and believers who have been disillusioned and disheartened by the definite weakening of the church need not feel isolated and frustrated. As he had in Elijah’s day, we are persuaded that God still has his people today who are willing to speak up and confront our man-centred culture. Likeminded local churches can be linked together in productive and supportive association without the development of cumbersome ecclesiastical structures and without the cultivation of personalities that engage in destructive power-plays and pragmatic politics. It is clear that local churches and individual Christians are searching for identity, and direction and an escape from man-centred administrative structures and mindless tradition. Practically, isolated local congregations and individual believers are yearning for answers to questions such as:

  • What is the local church really here for?
  • How ought we as a church family to relate to other church families?
  • If we are not meant to lead an isolated and independent existence as local churches, on what basis can we cooperate and associate with other groups of believers?
  • Where can I find a genuine New Testament church?

Sola 5 is an Association of likeminded congregations that straddles country borders to embrace churches in the whole southern African region, including Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa. It enables committed local churches to benefit from an unambiguous shared identity, fellowship, prayer, and mutual accountability.

Churches in the association affirm their commitment to historic confessional Christianity by reasserting the vital notions of the authority of Scripture, Christ-centred faith, gospel grace, justifying faith, and God-centred living. The fivefold Reformation creed of sola scriptura (Scripture alone), solus Christus (Christ alone), sola gratia (by grace alone), sola fide(by faith alone) and soli Deo gloria (glory to God alone) summarises the urgent need of the hour. These convictions must drive the church again as they once did.

Learn more about Sola 5 by visiting its website.